Acrylic paste, gold ring on canvas, 150 x 130 cm, 2007


Brass, 115 x 80 x 70 cm, 2007

Installation view First solo show

Nice and Fit Berlin 2008

Press release
by Helena Papadopoulos

The work of Angela Mewes is concocted by paintings, sculptures, videos and poems. The paintings explore degrees of abstraction and a possible schema that would take them outside their frame. The geometric shapes allude to rotation and floating, the spontaneous, messy, fluorescent marks on canvas come off the surface relinquishing their existence as brushstrokes for a net of electric charge. The two sculptures in the exhibition remain within the register of painting: the sheets of brass that slide into each other producing an asymmetrical X represent canvases. The pristine potential state of this warm yellow alloy is interrupted by practical inscriptions (dimensions of its thickness), scratches, and unfinished edges. The soft sculpture, originally an unprimed canvas where beads were sewn, has been removed from its frame and is suspended by strings that traverse the gallery space. The off-white, natural fabric that so easily invites dirt withdraws the painting from its classical cover back into the materiality of the world. The works are often produced like events: the thought takes off on its own as in Gravity, 2007 where the artist was left watching a gold wedding band she submerged in a blob of translucent acrylic paint squeezed on canvas, slowly drip into position. Angela Mewes’ process depends on what seems to ooze from the presence of things while being closely tied to the question of painting‘s resources and possibilities.