And toilet paper
tons of
I see cause I’m high

In sunlight
all unwanted questions
is this time



Halfpipe city
forest of conversion
no time
the ocean is mine



Strong failure
please stay to leave me
tender o’clock

Medicine, weapons
to read

you come and go
and you know



Opening of the preabdomen
and cracking through the basement
Aint got no center
no censor

Lush tree crown the bottom
on the lush halms the forgetting
the basement’s shrinking



Cloud seven
some solid crystal
in beautiful light

The mountains
wake up



For now
hundred raging waters
in perfect time

Leading telling
I step
your smile



If photography is shopping
film stands for walking
the timeline all is parallel
I’m telling the distance

I’m a tailor
I cut the edges
as I want it falling
line of least resistance

Little scorpio
you are remoting
look at the ceiling on
watersurface the sky is



My heart the drip tray works
absorbs some words it spells
the thrill

Some ink bloody on white
heart valve steel silvergrey
as black is telling the molarity

Here is an earthworm
he is so white
shilouetted against the ground

I chop it in the middle
the birds attack
the form and the function
of the heart

Is a crack



I take the time
when love is hate
to think of a blowjob
that came my way

I thought of the figures
of life so clean
when I entered the room
for painting james dean

The dean was soft and sharp same time
blood has to drop in order of line
when doors are open
I’m everyone

I wonder so heavy
when beauty began



This is the big shit
holding me restless
contracting so senseless
casks of excuses
values for venture
contractor and taker

The hill on that island
your chair so weightless
take pleasure in fighting

I vacuum the carpets
for you when you scratch in
your track leaving traces
sharp slid but shaded

You press until twinging
I swipe at your backrest
you fall off the island

Its concrete plain down there
I mixed up surfaces
so I stop the fearceness
cause you already
got there