Installation view Series Shellf

Economy Of Means: Towards Humility In Contemporary Sculpture

Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, Arizona U.S., 2012

Installation view

Shellf III, B. 42 cm, H. 33 cm, T. 33 cm

Gallery Nice and Fit, Berlin, 2010

Catalog & Poster

designed by Quentin Walesch

In 2010 the wall sculptures arose from the idea of platforms for the sculptures The Plasters.  The Shellfs (neologism shell & shelf) are all based on the same egg form: Inspired by the egg of Columbus, who found a simple solution to an insoluble problem.

The Plasters I

Plaster, iron oxide, ø ca. 10 cm, 2010

Back, The Plasters Serie II

Plaster, iron oxide, H. 11 cm, B. 8 cm, T. 3 cm, 2011