Lützow-Ufer am Morgen

Ketuta Alexi-Meskhishvili
John Baldessari
Natascha Goldenberg
Yun Heo
Wendelin Kammermeier
Angela Mewes
Max Paul

Curated by Angela Mewes

Opening Friday, 30th of June 2023
6 – 9 pm
Bartningallee 2-4, 10557 Berlin

On view by appointment until end of July
mail@angelamewes.de +49 171 6576316

Max Paul
Lützow-Ufer am Morgen, 2023
Latexprint on foil on acrylic, aluminum lightbox, sodium-vapor lights, electrical equipment

Yun Heo
On My Way, 2017 (to have my Me Time, 2023), 2023
ca. 150 x 68 x 100 cm

Ketuta Alexi-Meskhishvili
The End Is Only a Beginning, 2023
Inkjet print on organic cotton, archival pigment print on screenfilm, epoxy resin
ca. 320 x 300 cm

Natascha Goldenberg
Rattengeber, 2022
Wood, metal, papier mâché, rubber
220 x 24 cm

Wendelin Kammermeier
The Architecture III
Stainless steel, aluminum, paper
67 x  86,5 x 30 cm

John Baldessari
Eyebrow, 2009
Three dimensional digital photographic print, laminated with lexan, mounted on aluminium with acrylic paint
40.6 × 127 × 15.2 cm
Edition of 25 + 4 APs

Many thanks to Sprüth Magers, Berlin, and the Estate of John Baldessari, Los Angeles.

Angela Mewes
Untitled 1, Untitled 2, 2023
Acrylic paint behind glass, aluminum frame white and black
120 x 80 cm

Wendelin Kammermeier
Le Confident, 2023
Stainless steel
302 x 157 x 236 cm

Photos Max Paul


I don’t remember the words Jean Philippe told me when we first met. He carried a mix of spirituality and brutality. The mix I could only identify through the rings on his fingers. Large rectangular stones in different colours that remind of resin blocks from the nineties, on the first glance.

An eyebrow simply doesn’t exist. It’s single hair that create one. Plus Baldessari made it too big. Is it supposed to hang outside- inside? Which gender?
Lützow-Ufer am Morgen samples six positions with John Baldessari’s (1931-2020) edition Eyebrow from 2009.

The works unite displacement, relating to each other for their own balance of context. We are showing On my Way by Yun Heo. Yun, born 1990 in South Korea, lives in Frankfurt where she just finished her studies at Städelschule. On display are sculptures by Natascha Goldenberg (Berlin) – part of an ongoing work in which Natascha seeks to explore the complicated place that the figure of the rat occupies in the human psyche. Lützow-Ufer am Morgen, the show title, is borrowed from the new wall object by Max Paul. It’s based on Ernst Ludwig Kirchner’s painting Lützow-Ufer am Morgen (1929).
Le confident (2023) by Wendelin Kammermeier is presented outside the building for the time of the opening night on Friday the 30th of June, 6 – 9 pm.

Speaking of the beauty of french titles: the invitation is inspired by the book Die Welt der schönen Bilder (Les belles images), Simone de Beauvoir, designed by Werner Rebhuhn for Rowohlt in 1968.

Lützow-Ufer am Morgen took place at this temporary location for the duration of the exhibition only.
No further connection to the location, we keep you posted!