In a dead heat for cold cash and buxom babes upcoming
Rigor & Relevancy current
Mount Kaplan with Ketuta Alexi-Meskhishvili, Paul Hance, Laida Lertxundi, Paloma Varga Weisz, Angela Mewes, Berlin 2020
Volcanoes Of Mexico with Paul Hance, Estrid Lutz, Salome Machaidze, Michail Pirgelis, Angela Mewes, Berlin 2019
June in the Jungle with Paul Hance, Sophie von Hellermann, Philipp Modersohn, Angela Mewes, Berlin 2019
Plural feels with Thea Djordjadze, Paul Hance, Leila Hekmat, Angela Mewes, Berlin 2019
Painting in 2020
A table with fruits and wine 2020
Der B├Ącker 2019
Der Salzprinz 2019
Forest Of Conversion 2019
All Lines Are Busy 2019
Concocting Self 2019
Peanut City 2018
Pictures 2018
Ich liebe Dich Geh weg Organization & Curation, Angela Mewes, Berlin 2018
Admit One Organization & Curation, Angela Mewes, Berlin 2018
Tonnage Organization & Curation, Angela Mewes, Berlin 2017
Schillerbibliothek Public Art 2015
Butterfly Scorpio, Let 2015
Jungletime 2014
The Halfhearts 2011
Shellf & The Plasters 2012-2010
When The Picture Left Me 2009
And other new works 2010-2009
Remap Athens 2009
Nice and fit 2008
Poetry 2004-2014